Birmingham man creates device to help prevent hot car deaths

We've heard several stories this year involving children dying inside a hot car. They made an impact on a new father in Birmingham. The father has come up with a device to help end those tragedies.

"It never leaves you. You never forget that story. Every time you read one it gets bigger and bigger," said Matthew Sheets.

It's a huge deal for Sheets. He has a three-month old son.

"It's not easy to forget. But, everyone's lives are so busy things just creep into their mind," added Sheets.

He is sick of hearing about kids dying inside a hot car.

"Some things have to give. Some things have to change or be done about this. So, I started working on it," added Sheets.

Sheets worked on Starfish. He and his team at Birmingham-based Studio Whale believe Starfish could help save lives.

"Starfish is about the size of a quarter. It has an antenna. It pairs with a cell phone. It works when a child weighing 3.2lbs or more is placed in a car seat with the Starfish attached," added Sheets.

The tiny device, when paired with a cell phone, sends visual and audio alerts when the cell phone goes out of the 25-30 foot range.

The alerts also go to alternate contacts if the initial alerts go unanswered for five minutes.

Sheets thought about creating Starfish about a year ago.

"Even if it impacts just my life, it is worth it, but if it impacts someone else it would be that much better," added Sheets.

It will take Sheets some time to get Starfish on store shelves. Sheets is about 90% finished with the product's design. He has a patent pending.

Consumers can pre-order Starfish by clicking