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      Winston County woman wins $68,000 in cash, prizes on Wheel of Fortune

      23-year-old Dorothy Forsyth was recently a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune. (abc3340.com)

      The Forsyth family in Jasper has lots to celebrate.

      23-year-old Dorothy Forsyth was recently a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune.

      "I really felt like a movie star," she said. "We got to the place and they're doing our hair and makeup."

      Wednesday night, her episode, which was recorded back in July, aired.

      And the wheel...was very good to her.

      "I won the first two toss ups," she said. "And then I won the first actual puzzle there was."

      Forsyth stole the show solving most of the puzzles in the regular rounds.

      "I got about $18,000 in cash, a trip to Hawaii and a trip to Panama," she said.

      And then came the final spin.

      It's important to note...when Forsyth was younger, her sister, while watching "Wheel of Fortune," always wanted a player to call the letter "W." If it wasn't, her sister would often cry. So, imagine her excitement when the only letter she was missing...was that "W."

      The puzzle, "Wall Safe," won her a 2014 Chevy Camaro.

      Her winnings, cash and prizes, totaled more than $68,000.

      "It was really, like, better than I ever would have thought it would have been," she said. "Once in a lifetime experience...that's the only way you can explain it."

      Forsyth says her favorite, personal phrase goes along well with her recent journey: "Livin' It Up."