Local minister's house burns, reaches out to community

Gregory Lee's home was destroyed by fire on Thursday. (

He's been called a catalyst for his community. Someone who takes time to care. Someone, who, just wants to help.

"My day is not complete if I don't help somebody," Gregory Lee said.

He calls it a process.

And at 56-years-old, it's something Lee knows a little something about. In the early 90s he was addicted to alcohol and cocaine. But then, he turned to God.

"I gave my life over to the Lord and I started going to church and I started doing God's work," he said. "Working for the Lord...doing as much as I could."

And he's doing a lot.

He started a ministry, "Gifts from God," and delivers supplies and food to homeless people and he is constantly checking up on his neighbors.

But now the man that offers all the help...needs{}a little himself.

The home he's lived in his entire life burned, Thursday.

"[I'm] devastated...heartbroken," Lee said. "But I'm still thankful that I'm still alive."

And that's saying something. His mother died two-months-ago. Right now, he's battling colon cancer that recently spread to his stomach, lungs and liver. He just lost his house.

But he says...he's blessed.

"Yes, I do believe...I know I'm blessed," he said.

Finding refuge in God and believing that if he takes care of others God will take care of him.

Lee did not have insurance on the home. If you would like to help him rebuild, you can call him at 205-281-1157 or 205-796-0596.