Samford Alumna raises money to help child rescued from bunker

Samford University honored Carrie Kreps and her family before the basketball game Saturday night. (

It's been five days since little Ethan was released after being held for almost a week in an underground bunker in Midland City.

Now a Samford University Alumna deeply affected by the hostage situation is making a difference in the life of the little boy. She started an on-line fundraiser to send the six-year-old on a special trip to lift his spirits.

Samford University honored Carrie Kreps and her family before the basketball game Saturday night. Kreps, who has two sons ages 3 and 5, says the situation in Midland City made her very emotional and she just wanted to do something to help.

All smiles for this mother of two in front of basketball fans cheering on her efforts. The Samford Alumna posted a Facebook status one week ago that spiraled into a cause to do something special for a little boy taken from a school bus.

Carrie Kreps says "I said if that little boy Ethan ever gets out of the hostage situation he's in, I sure would like to send him to Disney World." And Facebook friends agreed. Two days later, a simple thought became a quest shortly after Ethan was rescued.

"I couldn't imagine the relief the mother was feeling and knowing he was okay." Kreps helped create a quick fund raising website to send Ethan and his family to Disney World.

She even contacted Ethan's mother through a connection, in which she accepted the offer.

People immediately from all across the world started making donations. "Our goal was 7,000 and we accomplished that in one day, but by the end of fund raising Friday night, we had collected 10,620." Kreps says the response made her speechless. "I just wanted to do something to get this child to Disney World and everyone wanted to pitch in."

She says a trip has been booked to now create some happy moments for a little boy whose been through quite an ordeal.

Kreps says money not used for the Disney trip will remain in a trust for Ethan. The date of the trip has not been released to give the family their privacy.