Local mom ready for Boston Marathon

Birmingham - Runners are gearing up for the Boston Marathon Monday. Despite last year's bombings, there was a surge in entries for this year's race. ABC 33/40 caught up with a mother of four leaving Sunday to fulfill her dream. The images we won't forget. "It was just complete shock and just sadness that someone would use that platform to be destructive." Lisa Booher will be running in this year's Boston Marathon hoping to carry on a message that so many others also want to share. Booher says, "We're going to come together and fight for the good in the world, this is something we think is good and we want to keep it strong." It will be the first Boston Marathon for this mother of four after trying to qualify four times. "I got 3:34 and some change at Mercedes. I was very excited, I cried at the finish line." And what an accomplishment. Booher says a surge in entries made it more difficult to qualify. "They just had that many more people trying to get up there this year to show support for the race, for the community there especially after what happened last year with the bombings." Booher says she's received several emails and updates on extra security. "The street where the finish line is, they're not allowing any packages at all or bags and things like that." She never questioned whether or not to run in the marathon and anticipates crossing that finish line. Her daughter is ready to see her mother's months of training.. finally pay off. Isabella Booher says, "I'm really excited for her cause she tried so hard. I'm going to miss her." Lisa Booher says, "People really wanted to show that we want to be there to be a part of this amazing event and show the world we're not going to let anything hold us down." Booher's flight leaves at 6 Sunday morning. She says runners who were unable to cross the finish line last year because of the bombings were invited back this year.