Local runners talk about experience at Boston Marathon

Alabama had more than one hundred people in Boston for the marathon. We were fortunate. None was among those physically injured. But what many of them saw will stay with them forever.

"I was super excited about competing in it, and taking it all in on patriots day which is a big holiday up there I Boston, and the crowd support throughout the entire course is just amazing," said Owen Bradley, a local runner.

Owen finished the 26.2 mile run, collected his medal, and headed back to his hotel room to join his family. Some{} two hours later is when the explosion happened. "I heard two what sounded like canon shots go off," he said.

Bradley, who runs marathons at least once a month told his father he thought it might have been a gun or canon, indicating the last runner had crossed the finish line. His father, David, sensed it was more serious. "We said no that couldn't be it. And almost immediately after that there was another explosion. We were in a hotel room that had double paned windows and it was still very loud," said David Bradley.

Owen says hotel staff couldn't answer his questions. But when they turned on the TV, that's when they found out. "Flipped on the news and saw immediately picture that people had taken on their phones and video that was taken of the two blasts that wen off," said Owen Bradley.

He says he wanted to go help, but was not allowed to leave his hotel, which happened to be a block away from the finish line.

Another runner, Jeff Perry, had finished and boarded the subway when the bombs went off. When he got back to his room, his phone started ringing non stop.

"People checking to see if we were ok. There were runners that we knew that we hadn't heard from yet and the thought starts running through your mind did something happen to any of them," he said.

Both runners say it's scary to think of what could've happened had they been near the finish line. But it won't stop them from running altogether. And they will not compete in fear. {}"It's not going to limit me from going to races or anything," said Bradley.