Local shoe company donates 90 percent of profits

A{}local couple is changing the world one shoe at a time.

Scott and Carrie{}Mullins' love of giving back led to a crazy idea- a company that donates part of its profits.

"I usually give ten percent. This time, I'm going to do the opposite. I'm going to do 90 and we're going to call it 'Ninety-Ten.' He [Scott]{}said, 'is that even possible?,'" explained Carrie Mullins, the online store owner.

Carrie Mullins looked no further than the shoe on her foot.

{}In January,{}the couple{}decided to find out if it was possible to operate a business while donating 90 percent of its net profits with the launch of an online women's shoe store, Ninety-Ten.

"You{}are going to spend that money anyway. You may not donate or give to certain causes, so my thoughts were, 'let's capture that pool of money that's being spent and use it for good,'" she said.

The Mullins' shoes come from companies that usually don't widely distribute locally and that are open to their philosophy. Some even help reduce costs by shipping for free from their warehouses.

So far, five thousand dollars have gone to different local causes, like a family needing help adopting and{}100 for Adama, an organization started by teens to assist girls{}a world away escape prostitution.

"If a single mother walked in front of me that was struggling and needed help,{}I wanted to be able to say, 'let's help her,'" said Mullins.

Mullins hopes the business and the idea behind it will spread.

"I{}hope the business model will be an inspiration, not that everyone has to give 90 percent. That's just my crazy leap of faith. But in some way, give back," she said.{}

The company has hosted trunk shows to help some of the local charities raise money.

For more information about the company, visit the online store or find it on Facebook at Ninety-Ten.