Local teens petition Alabama lawmakers to remove anti-homosexuality language from sex ed law

Two local teenagers have set up a petition for the Alabama Legislature to strike down language in a state law, which requires public schools to teach homosexuality is unacceptable and criminal in their sex education curriculums.

Sarah Noone and Adam Pratt have set up a petition on At 11:30 a.m. Friday, the petition had gained more than 82,000 signatures. Both teens say the language in the current law could promote bullying against homosexual students. Plus, they contend it isn't accurate because being gay is not a crime.

State Representative Patricia Todd (D-Birmingham) introduced a bill to remove the language. However, Todd tells ABC 33/40 she expects it to come before committee after Spring Break, but she doubts it will make it pass the House and Senate. She says it's too late in the session for it to get through and she has spoken with some representatives who don't want to discuss homosexuality at all. However, she says, if it doesn't go through, she hopes to introduce a stronger version of the bill next year.

At any rate, Todd says it's good for people to talk about the law as well as have youth get involved in issues.

"We need to strike that out of there, so we're not giving misinformation to students," Todd says.

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