Locals weigh in on "Ban Bossy" campaign

Can banning one word change the course of a young girl's life? Several women seem to think so. Facebook's Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, wants to do away with another "B" word that she says is being used too often to describe girls. So she launched the Ban Bossy campaign. Several high profile women, and even Girl Scouts, have joined the movement.

The hope is that girls will not be afraid to step up as leaders amongst their peers in their classrooms and communities. The idea is that calling girls bossy is one of many ways society discourages girls from leading.

That's what Sandberg wants to stop. She argues when a little boy asserts himself, he is called a leader. When a little girl does the same, she's called bossy, and labeled as aggressive, angry or overly ambitious. She says the end result is that girls shrink and avoid leadership roles for fear of being disliked.

Statistics show 72 percent of sixth grade boys reported they like to take the lead in a group. That's compared to just 54 percent of girls who reported they were comfortable to take the lead.