Long-time Vance Christmas Tree Farm closing

Gandy's Christmas Tree Farm in Vance will be closing after 22 years of business. (

{} 22 years ago, Billy Gandy got a wild idea from a newspaper start a Christmas Tree farm. "We had this vacant land out here. I told my wife, I believe we could make us some money."{} And that's just what Gandy did.{} "I didn't really know how they would sell."

{}{}Surprisingly, Gandy's tree farm business started growing.{} He had no competiton in the area.

{}{} Gandy worked in the coal mines for a living, but remembers taking a six week vacation to get the business started.{} "I{}saved all my sick graduated I didn't take a day off that whole year...I took that six weeks off so I could sell Christmas trees."

{}{} His holiday trees quickly became a rooted household name in West Alabama. "50 Percent of my business is repeat customer and then their friends tell someone."

{}{}{} Every year since, Gandy's trees go fast.{} For example this year, he started off with about 500 Christmas Trees before Thanksgiving.{} Right now, he has roughly 40 trees left.

{}{}{} However, the Gandy tradition is about to be cut-off.{} This is the last year he'll sell Christmas Trees. "I've reached the age -- that I can't do it anymore. I've got good help -- but they also have other responsibilities.'{} Gandy says that with tears in his eyes because he hates to lose the relationship he's built with customers over the years.{} He believe two things made him successful. "My customer...they were number one -- I don't care who he was ..That and quality of tree I had."