Looking to light up? Birmingham is probably not the place

These days, getting a "Rocky Mountain High" is as easy as crossing into the state of Colorado. Pot became legal in{}the Centennial State{}at the first of the year.{} Alabama, of course, is at the other end of the spectrum. This state does not allow the use of marijuana for recreational or for medicinal purposes. Attempts to change that have gotten nowhere in the state legislature.

That stark difference is why a new study of the nation's top 100 cities based on population puts Denver as the "highest" city in America and ranks Birmingham dead last. The scientific study was conducted by Movoto, a real estate research blog. It looked at the number of marijuana dispensaries, head shops and marijuana-related events in each state. Then, it considered whether medical marijuana use is legal and looked at the chance of going to jail or paying a fine for a first time drug offense.

Here are the five cities that made the bottom of the list:

  • Milwaukee
  • Wichita
  • New Orleans
  • Buffalo
  • Birmingham

Governor Robert Bentley just this week made it clear he is opposed to relaxing marijuana laws in Alabama.

Not everyone is smiling over Colorado's new marijuana laws either. The state of Kansas does not allow for the sale of marijuana for either recreational or medicinal purposes. The Kansas Drug Task Force reports a significant increase in the amount of weed making its way across the state line.

Entrepreneurs in Kansas, however,{}are finding ways to make money off their neighboring state's new law. For example, one coffee shop owner in Salina, Kansas will begin offering a "Cannabis Journey" between Salina and Denver. The trip takes six hours. Passengers will be driven to Denver for an overnight excursion. The driver says he is targeting older customers who want to learn about pot's "medical uses." He promises nobody will transport weed back to Kansas.

The cost of the trip is $420.{}The number 420{}is slang for smoking pot.