Low Vision Art

Gorgeous Christmas art was displayed at St. Vincent's East recently.

The artists are children... who have trouble seeing.

Nicholas Rollins has a rare eye condition that robs him from being able to see distances.

But despite that, he took top honors and won a cash prize of a hundred dollars.

Next year... his nut cracker picture will be on the cover of a special calendar from the Liz Moore Low Vision Center at St. Vincent's East.

Judges had to choose from hundreds of entries. Each child received a ribbon and a prize.

Nicholas Rollins says he wants to be an artist when he grows up. He explained how he created this winning work of art. " I painted the background... first ... tape em it looks like they are dancing and moving."


To purchase a c-d of the artwork, just contact the low vision center at St. Vincent's East at 939-7000.