Low Vision Center offers Hope!

Have you paused in your day to take a good look at a tree, or a flower? How about the face of your loved one? Is there anything like the blue of the sky on a clear day with low humidity?

With our family having a number of members with eye injuries, low vision and blindness due to a tumor, I often pause to really take a look at the world around me.

We recently acquired two new lab puppies... And the look at the joy on their faces when they see us come home just makes me giggle.

The ability to see is really a gift from God. Colors, shapes, faces.... Cancer has made me appreciate all the gifts God has given me. I can move, walk, talk and see.

Recently I stopped by the Liz Moore Low Vision Center at St. Vincent's East. Liz Moore lost most of her vision several years ago. But she has used her condition to help others. She is a spunky lady with a zest for life and love for people.

Madeline Jones is the director and has a heart for people. She's one of the few individuals gifted with the ability to help give people struggling with low vision, wings so to speak.

She uses modern technology to offer extremely enlarged print. She also trains those with low vision how to get around their kitchen. She offers devices that help them see microwave buttons and enlarged labels on canned vegees.

Check out this podcast for more information on how this low vision center is helping people see again and feel independent.

For more information on the Liz Moore Low Vision Center contact St. Vincent's East

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