Meet the candidates for Alabama's Public Service Commission president

Lucy Baxley (left) and Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh (right)

Commissioner Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh and PSC president Lucy Baxley do agree the commission was established to regulate utilities.{} But that's where the two candidates part ways.

"I've seen the commission being under utilized. And I believe the public service commission can be a real opportunity to recruit industry and help jobs and small businesses grow in the state of Alabama," said Cavanaugh."She can't get a job for anybody. She has decided that jobs are the most important issue on people's minds across this country and so she would just grab on to that," said Baxley.

Cavanaugh believes the PSC has a connection to job growth. She points out businesses are attracted to areas with relatively low utility rates.

"When Thyssenkrupp decided to locate in Alabama they kept asking 'what are our fixed costs going to be' and Alabama won that major contract. And that's what we need to continue to do. We need to sit across from these folks that want to create jobs in this state and let them know that we will have affordable and reliable utilities for their company," said Cavanaugh.

Baxley laughs at that assumption. She says businesses are not attracted to Alabama because of utility rates, but because of leadership coming from the governor and from the Department of Economic Development.

"Bottom line is any businesses that comes here, the Alabama Economic Development office and the governor's office would have been working on it for a long time. She cant take credit for bringing them here," said Baxley.

Baxley points out that under her leadership Alabama Power customers have seen four reductions in their power bills. Cavanaugh wants to up the ante. She says jobs must move to the center of the PSC panel.