Lyric Hot Dogs & Grill closing after 56 years


On the last day of the year, people said good-bye to a well-known Birmingham eatery. Lyric Hotdogs & Grill on Third Avenue North closed its doors after 56 years."Three Hot dogs, a chili dog and a Hamburger."Order after order. "Hot dog, hot dog, hot dogs today."Dishing out dogs while holding back the tears. Owner Andrew Collins says, "We're ending an era I guess you can say."Hundreds of customers had to grab just one last bite at Lyric Hot Dogs & Grill.Collins says, "Makes you feel pretty good. They're thinking about you. A lot of them are new and never been here before. they came to be here on the last day."After 56 years - the restaurant's lease was not renewed. The space is expected to be part of the Lyric Theatre Restoration. "Hopefully we're leaving for a good reason, something will be done instead of another empty building sitting around for 2 years."{}Collins started working for his father's hot dog business when he was 13. The place has meant a lot to people over the years.Customer, Tennyson Thomas, says "People are use to coming here. It's a family place, a great environment and to see it go, it's heartbreaking.""It's bitter sweet." Jennifer Armstrong says{} it will be strange not to be open weekends next year. They always served people following recitals at the Alabama Theatre. "All of a sudden, we have free weekends for the next four months, don't know what that's like."After selling out of just about everything, it was time to close for good around 4 o'clock. A long time fixture in downtown Birmingham - now just a tasty memory. "2014 is going to be a whole new chapter."Collins says he didn't want to relocate because of the expense. But he has started a new adventure. He's opened a bar on Second Avenue North called "The Collins."

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