Mac users pay more for Orbitz bookings


The computer that you are using now could determine how much you pay for your next trip or vacation. {}The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that the popular Orbitz Travel site steers Mac users to more expensive deals than people using PCs. {}Orbitz guarantees customers can snag a booking for the lowest price, but Orbitz may recommend hotels which cost $20 to $30 more per night for Mac users.So what is the reason for this? {}Rick Seaney of says mac users are typically the kind of person who likes to pay {}for premium things. {}Therefore, he believes the travel site wants to offer those options first. {}Orbitz found Mac users are about 40 percent more likely to book a four-star or five-star hotel.{}What type of computer you use can say a lot about you. {}The average Mac desktop costs almost three times as much as its windows counterpart. {}Mac owners tend to have higher household incomes. {}Their incomes are typically $98,000 a year, compared to just $74,000 for PC owners. {}Even on the go, iPhone and iPad users are shelling out 17% more in mobile purchases than everyone else, according to Forrester Research. {}Also, as online shopping increases, retailers and search engines are collecting as much data as they can, and scrutinizing every last big.{}The travel agency stresses that it does not show the same rooms to Mac and Windows users, with different prices. {}Apple declined to comment to the Wall Street Journal for its story. {}