Magic City Classic tailgaters take over Legion Field

The Hornets and Bulldogs are prepping for a Magic City tradition. This weekend marks the 71st annual Magic City Classic - the intense rivalry between Alabama A&M and Alabama State University. The true fans are making a week out of it, with massive tailgates spanning a radius around Legion Field and many of the camps were quick to tell us the football game is only half the fun. "It's going to be a big crowd you can tell," Alfred Gray, who traveled from Memphis to see the game said.The parking lots tell the story - RV after RV, tents, and tailgates are firing up grills and getting ready for a favorite tradition."The camaraderie like I said, this is one of the largest tailgates that we have in this area of the United States," Gray said.Lucinda has been tailgating at the classic since the 1970's."It's like a family reunion," Lucinda White, an Alabama A&M fan said. "We don't get to see each other often so we meet up at the ball game to celebrate!"{}There's even a little friendly competition for the top tailgate cuisine. "That's my secret! I'm like Colonel Sanders - have to keep my secrets!" Dale Davis, a tailgater said."We're tailgating with some family and friends and having fun," Lesa Williams, an Alabama State University fan said."We've been doing this for a long time," Shijuana Moore, an ASU fan said. "We enjoy it. {}We celebrate with our friends family and loved ones."{}"I didn't attend either college - Alabama State or Alabama A&M but I've been coming here for 31 consecutive years," Gray said.A tradition 71 years in the making..."They've been around for years but we're hornet fans so we're very excited about the game," Iris Blocton, an ASU fan said.