Major Exhibition Opening Next Week At Civil Rights Institute

In 1963, thousands of Birmingham school children packed city's streets and jails to fight segregation. Their fight became known as the Children's March of 1963 and you can learn more about it.

A major exhibition will open next Tuesday at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. It is called "Marching On: The Children's Movement @50." The exhibit tells the story of the event of the Birmingham Movement, the Children's March. It shows why and how the children became involved in the movement. It also shows how their participation became a major factor in the success of the Birmingham campaign.{}"The exhibition is set up so that visitors can experience some of what it was like to be a young African American in segregated Birmingham," stated Ahmad Ward, Head of Education and Exhibitions for BCRI. "Visitors will see how African Americans faced a system of discrimination that pervaded nearly every aspect of life; they were denied their constitutional right to vote, encountered discrimination in housing and employment, and were refused access to public spaces and facilities-and yet they refused to give up. The Children's March brought a new impetus to the movement," noted Ward, "and provided momentum for the March on Washington and helped pave the way for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964."The exhibit opens on March 12 and will be at the Odessa Woolfolk Gallery until November 30.

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