Major repairs needed at Camp Coleman, hindering activities

Camp Coleman has seen it's share of troubles. In 2102 the camp was one of four Girl Scout camps to close. The camp has since re-opened, but remains in poor condition. So much so, that it's keeping the camp from being utilized to its full potential.{}Members and volunteers of{}Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama say now that they've got their camp grounds back, there is plenty of work to be done. A bridge needs repair, horse stables are are rusting over, cabins need painting, and a ropes course needs reinforcing. The problem{}is GSNCA,{}like many other non-profit organizations, is strapped for cash.{}We're told it would take nearly $2 million to make necessary upgrades and repairs. Perhaps more troubling is the fact that the current conditions make it difficult to generate much-needed revenue"It's preventing people from coming in and renting our camp for corporate getaways. It's keeping us from having fun days," said Karen Carroll with Friends of Camp Coleman.Still, they want to get the message out that Camp Coleman is not completely down and out.{}Right now, only events connected with{}GSNCA are allowed to take place on camp grounds. They say they will provide fun and educational activities by making do with what they have.{}{}"We have arts and crafts. I believe archery is still going to be going on .we're going to offer all programs with the exception of the pool and the ropes and the horses."{}They say Camp Coleman goes well beyond simply keeping young people busy during the spring and summer months.{}{}" You can be independent, learn who you are, learn responsibility, i mean it's just a safe place for girls to grow strong," said Jessica Self, a volunteer with GSNCA.{}The Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama will host Camp Coleman day-camps July 21st-26th and July 28th-August 1st.