Makeover of Toomer's Corner will begin this spring

The redevelopment of Toomer's Corner will begin this spring, but two new trees won't be planted for another year.

The Auburn University Board of Trustees{}approved a plan Friday to{}enhance the iconic area in Auburn.{}{} Work scheduled for Spring 2014 includes replacing{}the soil contaminated by the 2011 poisoning by{}Harvey Updyke.{}{}

The first phase of the Samford Park redevelopment also will feature the construction of a circular wall that will allow a larger number of visitors to sit and enjoy the area. The brick gates erected in 1917 will remain at the corner.

Phase II of the project, which will be completed at a later date, will create a tree-lined walkway from the corner into Samford Lawn.{}

"We think the Auburn Family will like the look of the corner," said Dan King, assistant vice president for facilities management. "It is not a radical change, but it will open things up and allow more people to enjoy it."

The estimated cost of Phase I is $900,000, which includes soil replacement, the installation of new pavers and circular seating wall and the planting of the new trees.{}{}