Making and keeping resolutions: people hit the gym on January 1st

The most popular new year's resolutions every year involve getting healthier and in better shape.{} While many people will wait until the weekend to exercise, a bunch of people started the year off right at their local gyms.

Snap Fitness in Oxford is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"We've got regulars who are going to be here Monday through Sunday, every single holiday, no matter what, they're going to be here," manager Kacie Camp said.

One of those regulars is 70-year-old James Nelson.{} He said Wednesday was nothing out of the ordinary, and is simply part of his daily routine.

"I figured it would start [being busy] this weekend or Friday, but for it to be New Year's Day is good," Nelson.

"This is the busiest time of year for gyms and it will stay this way until about mid-February.{} By the end of March it's back to its normal crowd, which is a shame."

Nelson refers to those who start and quit as "resolutionaries."{} He said he hopes the new members will stick to it.

Jeff Harkins and his wife were among several who signed up Wednesday morning.

"I'm just ready to get in shape and start off the new year right," Harkins said.{} "Live healthy and be in better shape."

The Snap Fitness manager said about 90% of the people who visit for the first time will sign up for a membership.{} She said only about 30% will stick with it.

"A new year's resolution as far as a gym is not just about getting down to a small size for summer," Camp said.

"It's a better life, better health, and you feel so much better."

James Nelson will turn 71 next month, and said he knows what his resolution is for 2014.

"I'm going to work my legs more.{} I hate working legs.{} They're the hardest muscles in the body to work," Nelson said.

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