Mal Moore Remembered


On the doors of the Paul Bryant Museum are two wreaths. The colors of crimson and white commemorate the University of Alabama. The black sash over the wreaths acknowledge the death of a U.A. great.{}-"Its a heartbreaker because he's been part of the school for so long," said Rachel Lowe, a student at the University of Alabama.{}On Saturday, Former Athletic Director Mal Moore passed away at the age of 73, less than two weeks after he retired. {}He's been associated with U.A. athletics for more than 50 years.{}"I know I cried when I found out," said Lowe, as she was on her way to the Mal Moore Athletic Facility. {}{}"He was such a good guy. So yeah, its an emotional time," said Kenneth Gabby, Director of the Paul W. Bryant Museum. {}ABC 33/40 learned that Moore had been battling pulmonary issues for sometime. {}He passed away at Duke University Medical Center where he had been getting treatment. {}Meanwhile, U.A students, fresh off of spring break, are still trying to come to terms with the news that Mal Moore is dead.{}"On social networks like Facebook and Twitter, all of those communities are blowing up about the whole thing," said Robert Walker, a senior at U.A.{}{}{}"It does feel like a part of Alabama has gone with him," explained Lowe.{}