Maliyah Lindsay's aunt speaks about alleged killer's religious beliefs

A makeshift memorial for Maliyah Lindsay where the little girl was found dead in Gadsden earlier this week. (

The aunt of 20-month-old Maliyah Lindsay says the motive for alleged killer, Lindsay's father, 35-year-old Stephon Lindsay, might have been religion.

Cathy Jackson says Lindsay believes in dark, satanic worship.

"Just something like a ritual, almost something like a devil worship," she said.

Jackson says Lindsay recently purchased long, sword-like daggers from the Internet, which she assumed were merely for collecting.

Jackson says she believes Lindsay used the swords to sacrifice his infant daughter, as well as a small puppy, before leaving both bodies in a wooded area just off of Plainview Street in Gadsden.

A makeshift memorial has been placed where Lindsay's body was found.

Maliyah's mother, Tasmine Thomas, thought Lindsay had taken the child to his sister's house to give her some relief from her newborn baby, according to Jackson. Police say Thomas didn't try to call or contact her daughter, or Lindsay's sister, for six days.

"It's like any other parent," Jackson said. "If I trust you with my child, I feel no reason to call because I know you're going to take care of her just like she's your's."

Jackson says Lindsay was, seemingly, a very good father to his daughter.

"She was his angel," she said. "He worshipped his baby. He loved his baby. And he showed the family that he really did love this baby."

Jackson says she only hopes Maliyah didn't suffer.

"It's hard to think of her out there," she said. "I just pray to God that she wasn't suffering and that when [Lindsay] left her, God had already brought her home."

Lindsay's funeral will be Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Mission Baptist Church in Gadsden.

The Gadsden Police Department has not released any motive in this case. Stephon Lindsay has been charged with capital murder.