Birmingham man accused of carjacking taxi arrested on 15 charges

A man who led officers on a 30 mile chase from Georgia into Alabama is behind bars in the Carroll County, Georgia jail.

20-year-old Rodney Smith was arrested on 15 charges. Police say Smith and Kimberly Duggar carjacked a taxi after setting their house on fire in Carrollton.

Smith is now charged with first degree arson, armed robbery, cruelty to children and hijacking a motor vehicle Heflin Police say DHR released the child to her grandparents. Her mother was taken to a Birmingham hospital with serious injuries.

ABC 33/40 visited the neighborhood where the family use to live.

"Luckily, a lot of innocent lives weren't lost."

Police dash cam video captured the chase down I-20 Tuesday.

Heflin Police Chief, AJ Benefield says, "He's coming up on our exit and we're watching and we see him coming and then he strikes the rear end of an 18-wheeler. He lost control after that."

20-year-old Rodney Smith and Kimberly Duggar carjacked this taxi in Carrollton Georgia according to police. Their 4-year-old daughter was with them.. along with a pistol in the diaper bag.

Police say Smith told them he was heading back to Birmingham.

He use to live on Rome Avenue.

Nicholis Russell says, "I grew up with him, he was a real good guy."

Neighbors who know him say they're shocked after hearing about the chase. Smith is also charged with setting his Carrollton house on fire before calling the taxi.

Tony Mitchell says his wife told him the news.

"She was shocked to find the little that grew up with my kids had done what he had done."

Mitchell says smith used to cut his grass and he and other neighbors took care of him growing up.

"I never thought he'd do something like that."

Carrollton Police say Kimberly Duggar faces several charges when she is released from the hospital including arson and armed robbery.

Russell says, "People makes mistakes and people have to deal with the consequences."

Smith has been denied bond. He has a previous arrest history in Birmingham including burglary and drug charges.