Man arrested for abusing young girl at home of deceased 5-year-old boy

Vonta Montrell McClellan and Secret Huguley.

Police arrested an Anniston man for the abuse of a girl Friday, at the same home where they found a young boy who died later that day.

Vonta Montrell McClellan, 26, is accused of abusing his seven-year-old daughter at a house on the 2400 block of Wilmer Avenue.{} He is being held at the Anniston City Jail on a $500,000 cash bond.

Officers responded Friday morning to an emergency call at the house about five-year-old boy who was having difficulty breathing.{} First responders rushed him to Stringfellow Hospital in Anniston, where police said{}the boys had seizures.{}{}A helicopter took the child to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, where he died.

Investigators identified the child Tuesday morning as Gregory Caver.{} Caver is not related to McClellan or the seven-year-old girl.{} Police received{}Caver's preliminary autopsy report late Monday afternoon, but have not released details about the cause of death as the investigation is ongoing.

Workers from the Department of Human Resources met Sunday afternoon with Secret Huguley, the mother of McClellan's daughter,{}and advised her to take the child the hospital.{}{}Investigators said{}Huguley instead ran away.{} Anniston police located her later Sunday and arrested her{}for tampering with evidence, which is a misdemeanor.{} DHR has custody of Huguley's other children.