Man arrested for domestic violence against child

Calera police tells ABC 33/40 an arrest warrant was carried out by Calera Police last Thursday, August 30, for 23-year-old Tremain Gates.{} He was wanted for domestic violence.

The warrant states, on the night of{} August 25 2012, he slammed the child into a corner of the wall and also threw him on the floor.{} Another part of the report showed when the mother, Dominique Ume, got home the next morning she noticed her son could only open one eye.{} The child was lethargic and crying differently.

Ume took her son to Shelby Baptist Hospital and after an examination by physicians, he was airlifted to Children's Hospital in Birmingham.{}

Gates remains in the Shelby County jail on a $1 million bond.{} He is charged with domestic violence-assault in the first degree.