Man attempts to pull gun at a pee-wee baseball game

A man is in custody after attempting to pull a gun at an opening pee-wee baseball game Saturday.{}

Moody Police Chief Hunt tells ABC 33/40{}a man became irate with a coach at Moody's ballpark when the coach told{}him{}to sit down.{}

The man attempted to pull a .45 caliber gun from his side after the coach told him to sit down at his son's game.

A spectator disarmed the man, Charles Moshier, and a city employee held Moshier until police arrived.{}

The incident happened during a Pee-Wee baseball game among seven and eight-year-olds.{} Chief Hunt says, "It could have easily turned into something worse".{}

Moshier has been charged with menacing, disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia. Moshier lived in unincorporated St. Clair County with a Moody mailing address.