Man charged with killing friend, now indicted for uncle's murder

      Alexius Foster

      {}{} The man Tuscaloosa Homicide Investigators charged with murder of his friend has been indicted in another death -- his uncle's.

      {}{}{} A grand jury handed down the bill today, charging Alexius Foster with the Capital Murder of his uncle, George Foster.

      {}{}{}{}Foster is already in jail charge with murder of a once close friend named Antonio Williams.{} Authorities arrested and charged Foster last month before Williams' remains was found by hunters last weekend off Joe Mallisham Parkway.

      {}{}{} Williams had been reported missing July 17th when police say witnesses saw Foster shoot Williams{}at a home in Holt.{} {}Police believe the motive behind the shooting was that Foster thought Williams had "snitched" or {}told investigators where to find him.{} At that time, Foster was only wanted as a person of interest in the death of his uncle.

      {}{}{} Police say new evidence has turned up during the Williams murder case which lead them to believe Foster was connected to George Fosters death.

      {}{}{}{} George Foster was found dead at his home off Martin Luther King drive on June 13th.{}{} Police say Williams was shot July 17th.

      {}{}{}{} In between that time but before his arrest, Police also{}believe Foster robbed a third {}man, beat him and left him for dead near apartments off Skyland Boulevard.{} He has been charged in that case as well and now being held in the Tuscaloosa County jail without bond.