Man charged with setting fire to two Adamsville homes

Christopher Lee Posey

An Adamsville man is behind bars {}charged with torching two homes. Police say, it's a huge relief to the community who feared their homes might be next. This case dates back to February when 29-year-old Christopher Lee Posey admitted to setting fire to homes in a neighborhood off Highway 78. Neighbors told us tonight, they're relieved he turned himself in.

A charred wooden frame is all that's left on this home at 129 Mountain Street. {}Right behind it, the same story. 129 Valley also had severe interior damage from a fire on the same day. Neighbors living nearby, told ABC 33/40 they've been worried for their own homes. "Like the detective said, I had a house and then five minutes later it was burning," Rhoda Smith, one of the homeowners said."I feel like I'm next," another neighbor said. "I don't know what to do."Police say 29 year old Christopher Lee Posey turned himself in for an unrelated misdemeanor case."We kept putting the word out through the grapevine if you will that we were looking for him and he came and turned himself in," Detective Rick Whitfield, Adamsville Police said.That's when police were able to charge him with two counts of second degree arson.{}"There were some things he alluded to that we knew only the person who was involved would have had knowledge of," Whitfield said.The houses were vacant when the fires started. {}All three happened back in February. One case is still unsolved."He confessed to setting both of those fires, but not the first one that occurred," Whitfield said.Police tell us, more charges could be coming. {}Another home in the same neighborhood - next to Posey's former residence - was also burned on Valentine's Day. Again, detectives have not yet made an arrest in that case. They ask if you have any information, contact Adamsville Police.