Man comes face-to-face with wanted fugitive in Gordo

{}{} Ronnie Driver was still visibly shaken Tuesday after encountering a burglary suspect.

{}{} Gordo police had been searching for the man since he was allegedly spotted breaking into a home near the Elmore Community early Monday morning.{} When confronted, the suspect ran from officers and they lost track of him until he encountered Driver.

{}{} "This piece of wood that leads to my attic was open," Driver said while showing ABC the attic entrance inside his carport.{} Just before that, his wife had noticed that the side gate entrance to their yard had also been opened.{} "I just told her to go in the house and call 911.{} I could hear him coming down [from the attic] while she was inside.{} I had a pistol.{} He came on down and I stood over behind the car door and held the pistol up [in shooting position] and said hold up there buddy and he just took off running."

{}{}{}Driver's neighbor's{}dog chased the suspect.{} Meanwhile, police arrived with search dogs and a helicopter above.{} However, they determined the suspect had escaped west to another area.

{}{} Police continued the manhunt Tuesday.{} But, say they have no idea who the man is.{} He's described as a young hispanic man.{} "We do not believe suspect is from this area.{} We believe that he's totally relying on his own resources until this point," said Gordo Police Chief Todd Hall.

{}{} Authorities believe the suspect stole a pistol and may be armed.

{}{}{}If you have any information, you're asked to call Gordo Police.