Man could face attempted murder, assault charges following police chase

A man is in jail after refusing to{}pull over{}at traffic stop in Alabaster. He led police on a high speed chase that{}sent one officer to the hospital.

Alabaster police say the suspect owes 94, 000 dollars of child support in Jefferson County and refused to pull over at two traffic stops.

His name will not be released until charges are filed. But he could face attempted murder and assault charges.

Around noon, an Alabaster officer tried to stop the suspect on Thompson Road then another officer tried to pull him over on First Avenue. Police say what followed was a high sped chase at times reaching 85-90 miles per hour. They say he ran drivers off the road and hit one car and two patrol cars, including one head on. That sent the officer to the hospital with minor injuries and forced the suspect to abandon his car on Highway 44 near Navajo Trail.

"Just very fortunate with this incident, it didn't result in someone getting killed. Just driving crazy," said Alabaster Deputy Chief Curtis Rigney.

Alabaster and Helena Police, as well as Shelby County Sheriff's deputies, spent hours searching the wooded area between the pipeline and Independence Drive for the suspect. Some combed through the trees while other sat outside nearby houses.

Two hours later, a Fox Valley Apartment resident in Helena called police about a man climbing over a fence.

Another resident captured video of his arrest at the apartment complex.

"Just saw the cops come around the corner, draw a gun and get him to the ground," said Marcus Shirh, the Fox Valley resident who took video of the arrest with his phone.

Police say the suspect almost hit several other patrol cars and officers.