Georgia man caught vandalizing cars dies after being tasered by Oxford Police

An unidentified man, believed to be from Georgia, died{}after an incident with police involving a taser.

Tuesday morning, Oxford police officers responded to Presley Auto Sales to find a bloodied car vandal. The man had smashed his hand on windows on the car lot. Police say the man, not only was screaming, but had removed some of his clothing.{} Police Chief Bill Partridge tells ABC 33/40 when the suspect refused to exit a red, blood splattered{}car, police unsuccessfully tried to physically remove him from the vehicle.

Eventually, police say the man got out of the car, ran towards an officer and was shot with a taser.

Chief Partridge says while there was no clear penetration wound, the man fell to the ground and began having respiratory problems. He was taken to Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.