Man shoots pit bulls that allegedly killed two horses

{}Randy Rogers is still disturbed at what he found in his pasture off Gainesville Road early Thursday morning.{} His relatives called him to say two pit bulls were chasing two of his six miniature horses.{} " When I got there, two of them were dead.{} One is a little baby I had been hand feeding for two six weeks," said Rogers.

He almost chokes up talking about how the pit bulls mauled the two horses in the face.{} Rogers says one had died and he had to shoot the second horse that was attacked just to put it out of its misery.{} That's when he says the two pit bulls who were still in the pasture charged at him.{} " Come after me.{} When I approached them, one of them was growling and come after me and they had just killed my livestock so unfortunately I had to take them out," he said.

Rogers also believes the dogs killed two of his chickens in a nearby pen.{} Outside the fencing, there are scattered feathers where Rogers says he also found two dead chickens.{}

The owners of the two pit bulls live three houses down across Gainesville Road from the pasture.

Some neighbors, including Steve Lehue tell ABC 33/40 they had complained to the owners several times about letting the dogs roam free.{} "The dogs would come in the yard and we would have to get our dogs in the house and get him[pointing to his seven year old son] in the house," explained Lehue.

Lehue says their complaints went ignored until the dogs allegedly killed the horses.

"I'm really concerned, when I looked at those dead horses, I said that could be a child laying there," Rogers said.

He does say the pit bull owners expressed sympathy and agreed to pay him for the cost of his horses which range at about $500 each and up.

In the meantime, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's office issued the owners a 'Running at Large' summons to court which typically results in an average $25 fine.