Man shot and killed by Alex City police outside Huddle House

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is investigating anofficer involved shooting outside the Huddle House restaurant in Alexander CitySaturday morning.

According to reports, when police arrived two men werefighting outside the restaurant, the officer attempted to confront the two men whenone man ran to his vehicle and tried to flee the scene.{} Police say that Emerson Crayton, Jr. wasdriving at an accelerated speed and attempted to run over the officer.{} The officer stated he could not get out ofthe way and fired into the vehicle.

One witness account claims that Crayton was trying to leave therestaurant after getting into argument with an employee and did not see theofficer when a trying to leave.

Crayton was pronounced dead after being transported to UABhospital.

The officer involved has been placed on paid administrative leavewhile the investigation is ongoing. {}