Man stabbed at Church of the Reconciler

A man is in custody after stabbing a man before a Sunday morning church service at the Church of the Reconciler in downtown Birmingham.

In a statement on the Church of the Reconciler's website it states,

"Many of you may see local news reports tonight (Sept 8) that there was an incident at Reconciler that involved the hospitalization of one member of our community and the arrest of another. While we are still grieving about this incident, we want every one to know that we were able to calm the suspect down, call the police and have him removed, as well as get the victim immediate treatment. The suspect was apprehended, and as we understand, the victim will be ok.

Our staff and volunteers are trained to listen for raised voices and step in when we feel an altercation is about to occur. However, this situation was unique because the two individuals involved in the incident were both speaking and hearing impaired, and didn't anticipate the situation coming since they weren't verbally communicating.

Incidents as violent as this are rare at Reconciler. We encourage any church partners or supporters to email the Senior Pastor with any questions or concerns they might have at

What can you do? You can help us by being more vocal about the need for mental health treatment in the city of Birmingham and the State of Alabama and a more systematic end to homelessness.

We believe we are doing the work of Christ, and many times that is hard work. We remain committed to working for a world in which violence won't be the answer, and to working for justice for all people. Please be in prayer for all involved, and please contact Matt if you have any questions or concerns."