Manti Te'o about talking on the phone to "Lennay Kekua"


The "Katie" show has released another clip of Katie Couric's highly anticipated interview with Manti Te'o. {}In this clip, Manti talks to Katie about talking on the phone to his "fake girlfriend," Lennay Kekua, and how he would sleep for hours with the phone to his ear, just to hear her breathe.KC: I understand you would fall asleep holding the phone. Or with the phone next to you connected to this individual and then when you woke up, you would talk to this person.I hope you have rollover minutes by the way.MT: Mobile to mobile. Mobile to mobile.KC: But I mean, why would you do that?MT: It goes back to what my parents taught me. {}To always be there for somebody when they need help.KC: She came out of her coma when she was on the phone with you, or when the phone was next to her.What did you hear on the other end of the line?MT: well obviously it was just breathing at first, and it was just one of those where she was just breathing and then she started to whisper my name. {}I jumped for joy. {}I was like, 'she is out! She is talking!' {}I kind of, I was a little confident and I was like, 'see they were right, I do help her."You can watch this clip here on our Facebook Page.Katie told ABC's Nightline that she looked at Te'o's phone records and saw hours of calls logged. {}She also listened to his voicemail, and she says it sounded very much like a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.