Maplewood Lane Assisted Living closed because of water damage


Staff at Maplewood Lane Assisted Living were notified by Helena Fire and Rescue Tuesday that pipes inside the facility erupted.{}"The fire department called us and there was water pouring everywhere. It was just running in sheets," said Barbara Huffstetler, an administrator at the facility.{}Running water pouring from the frozen sprinkler system damaged two rooms, and soiled the belongings of some residents.{}"Once we get the pipes thawed out enough, they are going to go back up ....and turn the water back on and we can assess for more damage," said Huffstetler.{}The 12 people who lived at Maplewood have family willing to take the in but Huffstetler knows all of this is a huge inconvenience for everyone involved.{}"They wouldn't be here if they didn't want to be...or have to be I should say. They had to get rid of their cars, homes, their way of living, even some of their health," said Huffstetler.{}No one knows just yet when life will return to normal. {}It could take days even weeks. {}Although everyone is thankful no one was hurt, the staff will be a lot happier once the situation is settled.{}