Maplewood Lane Assisted Living reopens


At 97 years young, Virlie Brown has the excitement of a young person."Glad to be home," said Brown.{}She got the word Monday morning from her granddaughter that she could move back into her room at Maplewood Lane Assisted Living."This has become her family and so she has really missed the companionship of the people here," said Jackie Padgett, Brown's granddaughter.{}Water pipes froze three weeks ago, sending her and 11 other residents to live with loved ones while staff and contractors made costly but necessary repairs.{}{}"We did some sheet rock work...basically removing the sheet rock, airing out the cavity between and then making sure its safe for tenants to come back," said Andrew Lange, one of the contractors.{}"The residents are use to routine and the sponsors can't necessarily keep up with that routine but we thank everybody for their patience and their cooperation," said Barbara Huffstetler, an administrator at Maplewood Lane.{}Two rooms damaged by water were repaired in addition to broken pipes.{}Residents tell ABC 33/40's Larry Miller they'll spend the next few days getting reacquainted with their living space and their friends.{}