Marion County accuses teen of killing his mother

Travis Montgomery is 16-years-old and accused of killing his mother, 45-year-old Sarah Renae Montgomery. Sheriff Kevin{}Williams says{}Travis also{}attempted to kill his father, Wade Montgomery.

The incident happened last night at the family's home in the 300 block of Slaughter Pen Road in Haleyville. Police{}say{}the couple was{}stabbed. Sarah died and Wade was transported to UAB Hospital with stab wounds in his neck, back, a partially collapsed lung, and paralysis.

Family says Wade is in stable condition.


A neighbor found the Montgomerys Monday morning - One was dead, the other brutally stabbed.{}{}"Shock," Herschel Driver, a family friend said. "I got up this morning and found the whole hill was covered in cop cars, rescue workers."The driver family who lives in the house next door, heard Wade Montgomery screaming for help.{}{}"He laid there from about 11 last night when it happened until 5:30 this morning," Driver said. "I woke up early and I heard him. I thought it was a whippoorwill. He was hollering in a high pitched voice."He told us he knew Travis didn't get along with his mom, but never imagined this would happen.{}


Monday morning, police{}apprehended Travis{}in the Royal Oaks Apartments in Haleyville. He will be{}tried as an adult and is charged with murder and attempted murder.

Travis is enrolled{}at Bear Creek.