Mass Shootings Reaction

The mass shooting at a movie theatre in Colorado as well as the Copper Top Bar in Tuscaloosa has people on edge, but it's not keeping them from living their life."You can't be scared to go out because if you do that, what is life worth living?" Alan Alexander and his fraternity brothers met up at Copper Top.{} The bar re-opened Friday after a gunman started firing shots early Tuesday morning. Just days later, another shooting gets national attention, this time at a Colorado movie theatre. A gunman killed 12 people and injured dozens during The Dark Knight Rises. While Alexander considers the{} incidents rare, people are on edge.Sarah Howell says{} "It did make you think twice about coming to the movie today." Grayson Holcomb says "I do feel like it's made people scared." But many people still made their way to the movies in Tuscaloosa despite the scare. Holcomb says "I did see people coming in and checking. every once in a while, someone would come in and stand and leave, there was extra security.Last August, shots were fired in the Cobb Theatre parking lot. Police say it was a dispute between teens. Some now wonder if security should be even tighter at theatres across the country. Alexander says{} "I think they should step up security, metal detectors, staffing police officers just to make sure. you would think how does a man walk into a movie with four guns on him, it's hard to believe that would happen."{}{}{} {}The Tuscaloosa Police Department says the theatre does hire off-duty law enforcement officers for security and Tuscaloosa police officers in the area are staying vigilant.