Matt Pitt's attorney speaks out

Youth evangelist Matt Pitt of The Basement has been in the Shelby County Jail since Wednesday morning. A judge ordered no bond after he revoked Pitt's probation. Pitt was arrested in Jefferson County for allegedly impersonating a peace officer. He pleaded guilty to a similar charge in Shelby County.

Pitt's attorney, Daniel Boman, says something's got to give. We caught up with Boman as he was headed to jail to see his client. Boman filed a motion for a probation bond today. It remains to be seen if the court will allow Pitt to get out of jail until his probation hearing set for September 23rd. Boman says he wants to get Pitt out of jail so that he can return to his congregation.

"We're going to file a motion to allow him for a probation bond. What a probation bond is, is let him bond out until his probation hearing," said Boman.

Boman is convinced his client should be let out of jail sooner rather than later. "He has a family. Obviously his wife misses him. So my first priority is to get matt out of jail as quickly as possible. Matt needs to be with his family, needs to be back with his congregation," he said.

Boman says, if he had his way, a probation revocation hearing for Pitt would take place as soon as tomorrow. Judge Dan Reeves sees it differently. Reeves scheduled the hearing for September 23rd. At that time, the judge will determine whether Pitt violated the conditions of his probation when he allegedly impersonated an officer in Jefferson County. {}{} {}"If he reinstates matt's probation, the matt will go on about his life. He'll probably add some conditions to the previous sentence. Or he could revoke him. And if he is revoked, matt will be facing up to a year in county jail," said Boman.

One factor that may play a role in the judge's decision are the results of Pitt's drug test. It's something judge reeves ordered. {}{} "I read on alacourt where there was an order by the judge on drug testing. I do not know if matt has submitted to that. I do know that matt was evaluated by mental health. It is possible that if mental health evaluated him, he did submit to a drug test. As far as any results go. I'm not aware of any," said Boman.

Boman says his client is holding up, and ready to get back to his congregation.

Capt. Ken Burchfield with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office says they are not going to weigh in on the bond hearing. They are leaving that decision to the court.'

As for Jefferson County, Boman says Pitt will not plead guilty in that case. And he's prepared to go to court if need be.