Matters Of Faith A New Smile!

A series of unfortunate events... led a young teen to become homeless.

Life seemed pretty grim alone and homeless at the age of 14.

But one woman's kindness and the kindness of an orthodontist, is helping to turn her life and her frown around.

Christian Drummond IS17 years old. "I had a great life for the first 10 years."

But 17 year old ChristIan says life got pretty rough... her family became homeless after the boat her father owned for business was destroyed in a storm.

Christian: " when I turned 12 lot of family problems... drug related issues and my dad got lupus... and had to shut business down.


She was just 14 when her family lost their home..... then she found herself pregnant and in an abusive relationship. But this woman took her in.

Tamatha Norman.... opened her home to Christian. She says she had a face full of piercings... and pink hair when she first met her... but love and support started to turn Christian's bleak life around....

Tamatha wanted to help christian find her smile in more ways than one... so she contacted dr. David sarver through his foundation.


Tamatha Norman is Christian's guardian. She say, "I have never been more impressed with a group of people where compassion is embedded into their beings.... amazing to witness that.(crying)"

For free Dr. David Sarver will help straighten her smile.

Dr. Sarver even provided Christian with a shopping spree while she was in town.

Christian. "This is my second dress I've ever owned."

Tamatha says she is Buddhist and her faith.... moved her to offer a home to Christian... who at the time had more than 20 piercings mainly in her face.


Tamatha: "I don't know that god showed me anything about her... that I was failing because was being judgemental.

She was my lesson."


Christian and her baby live with Tamatha.

Tamatha: " I guess it's a karma issue for me and I try to make sure every choice I make is good."


One of the rules in my house is you go to school or you work.

She started going to ged classes... she passed with double the scores needed.

Now she hopes to help others with the blessings she has found.

Christian: "Thinking a child psychology to help kids who have been through rough times."

She is inspired to help others like Dr. David sarver is helping her find a brand new smile.... he is providing free orthodontic care for the next two years.

Dr. David Sarver:"She needs her teeth straightened. I was effecting her life and her self esteem."

He hopes his act of kindness with... be repeated through her.

for dr. sarver... it's a matter of his faith... to help as well.


Dr. Sarver: " There's a lot of things that happened to make her bitter and wanting revenge and to hurt people... but she's shown a goo inside heart."

Something to smile about... and a smile she will be proud of ..


Christian: " It was like I'm gonna wake up any minute now. "