Matters of Faith 1-30-13 Henry The Sport Bug

How do you know when it's time to change your path?

One young lady from California... says... after a car accident, God pushed her to start a new direction.

That new direction has something to do with sports, kids and a bug.

This is Melissa Detwiler.... she is Henry the Sports Bug...... she teaches tennis among other things about sports to kids.

Melissa. "The sports bug is about getting outside ... reading and using your body to get exercise ... Literacy and agility.... A double whammy literature and sports. I grew up with a racquet in my hand it was a job for me."

From the age of seven on.... she worked at being the best at tennis... and even traveled the circuit... she was a child prodigy.

Melissa. "I don't think I had a childhood."

Tennis took a lot of work to compete... but now she wants to make sports fun for kids... and not feel like it's a job.

Melissa. "I love to teach and love to teach kids tennis and golf. Make em laugh smile and have fun."

Sadie Schwallie was a client she can vouch for the program, "It was a fun day."

Brett Hackettclient. "He showed us tennis."

Melissa: "Eight years ago I came up with Henry the Sports Bug."

But she says she sat on the idea for a long time.

until she had a car accident that sent her on a new direction.

Melissa. "This year has been life altering... Feb 4th... I had a car accident... I was in a 1992 Jeep steel if I hadn't been in it... I'd be dead .... Next day something struck me... I know Gods leading me. Something said it's time to get life together and walk a right path... I knew it was God telling me to do it... the right way."

She says she had struggled with depression... and knew life had to change.

Melissa says, " January 3rd I got in my car and said I'm gonna take Henry to the kids.

When she left... she had nothing booked... but here's what she says God did.

MELISSA. "I prayed and said guide me. By the time I got here... I had been to 20 schools... And 2 children's hospitals. It's not me its God. I know the accident happened for a reason and it changed my life.... GOD IS GREAT!

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