Matters of Faith 1-9-13 Film Debut

The film industry is thriving in Alabama.

For one film maker... his craft is a matter of faith.

He has recently shopped his second film in Los Angeles.... and sat down to talk with us about the films he hopes will be life changing.

the river of life is a new film ... written and produced by andrew mcdermott. he says his own life crises.... led him to tell stories in film.

his mother struggled with prescription drug issues.

although she beat the addiction... the damage to her body was too much and she passed away.

Andrew. That damage to her body was too much.. She did recover and loved the Lord.

Andrew. " I've basicly worked dealing with my own issues passing of my mother for a year and a half I was a zombie... Telling stories.. Prodigal lost and gave life to God dealing with that dealing with loss of mother.

The movie is an intense film... about what can happen because of addiction issues and how God can work through them.

Andrew McDermott/Writer Producer. "A girl is forced to spend the weekend with a drug addicted mother."

Andrew Mcdermott. Right now Ginny is getting out of the house.... Finds a tree house and encounters an angel.

The angel... helps break her fall out of the tree house.

Andrew: "There are children dealing with divorce.... prime example parent should protect her from."

Andrew's brother Tyler also helps produce the film... and helps with set design.

Tyler: " It is intense on a relaxed set ... can be hard to work with family turned out amazing."

The bottom line of both the Mcdermott films is that no one is alone... and God can work through even the worst of situations.

Andrew: "You hope something you do can help someone be changed."

To find out more about McDermott's films... God to Plumb line