Matters of Faith 102 years young!

What is the secret to a long healthy life?

Pauline Walker believes it's hard work and faith.

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Pauline Walker.

She is 102 years young!

Pauline Walker says she was born February 11, 1911.

She says, "One time I went to the doctor, when I returned they said I can't find Ms Walker's chart... finally she came out laughing she said I was looking in the wrong century. ha ha ha"


Pauline walker is 102 and lives in an assisted living facility.... in Birmingham.... she amazingly does a lot for herself. She gets her food together... And doesn't mind using the microwave herself.

I asked her, her secret to longevity?

Pauline says, "Hard work."

She recalls learning the lesson of working hard when she was a child.

Pauline: "We each had our chores and 2 dresses wear our school dress and Sunday dress wear it to church."

She walked two miles to school.... and helped around the house and on the farm.

She also learned how to stick by family... when her mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis... a deadly disease.

Pauline: "My mom would gather us around and read the Bible to us."

Her father insisted her mother come home from the hospital... even though he had to rework the house... so she could constantly get fresh air.

Pauline: "He took one of end of that porch there was a window to the porch and papa made a door there if she wanted something at night all he had to do was go through that door."

Pauline says he took care of a lot of people.

Including Pauline, there were 7 brothers and sisters... and he made sure they were educated.

Pauline became a nurse.

She also has seen a lot in her life.

Transportation in the early years was by horse.

Pauline says, "Papa had one of the first cars that Onslow Co had ha ha . It was a Maxwell."

but they don't make these anymore!

@Jennifer Walker is her granddaughter-in-law. "The thing that amazes me she's seen some one titanic, sank... she's seen all the world wards great depression I love to sit and talk to her."

@Travis Walker is her grandson. He says, "She's inspired me to learn toward God with dad passing leaned about dad reading the


Pauline amazes many... especially when she graduated from hospice .

Pauline: "Dr Barnes ordered hospice to help ... she says here's my graduate from hospice."

and that 's a matter of faith.