Matters of Faith 11-14 Magic Moments

Tough times can lead to character building and a stronger faith.

That's exactly what has happened to the Norris family.

five year old Ella Rose has been battling a cancerous tumor.

Instead of letting the situation destroy them... the family found the experience has enriched their faith.

And this week... they got a big surprise from Magic Moments.

5 year old Ella Rose Norris... got the surprise of her life!

Cinderella informed her at the Birmingham Airport... that she and her family were going to Disney!

Ella Rose and Mom Tamara Norris: " Ready to fly ready to fly!"

Magic Moments provided a trip for the entire family, mom, dad brother's Hunter and Ryan to Disney.

Tamara Norris says : "She deserves it ... fought so hard... just happy."

Ella Rose has been battling a brain tumor.

Tamara: " She finished chemo in June just finished M-R-I in October and everything is looking great."

Mom Tamara Norris had to keep the trip to Disney a secret.... and that wasn't easy.


Tamara: " Packing for 5 people is not easy."


You can imagine the family's surprised when Dad pulled up at the Birmingham International Airport.

Tamara: " They said we're at the airport!"

This is an opportunity to make sweet memories at Disney.... a trip the family will remember for a long time.

but the sweetest gift Tamara says she got through the illness of her daughter was strengthened faith.

Tamara: "Let your life be his and live for him. When she was diagnosed this is not our lives it's his so we realized with in the first hour it was up to us to make a difference with him guiding us and for us to be able to stand out on our faith and say we are going through this able to stand out on our faith and say we are going through this... he's guiding us... only with him could we make it and hold on when it was so incredibly hard.

Tamara shares her faith and experiences on her blog... labored

{}Tamara. "We would never turn back the lessons we've learned ... and peace and as close as we are... you wind up with a blessing. To find comfort and hope for people to see they're not alone... wrap arms around you... help them carry the load."

She offers a page to take prayer requests.

She says when Ella Rose was first diagnosed god gave her a scripture that has helped her through...

Tamara: "I read it never saw it before god will sustain us and hold us up through trials. Ella

Rose is such an instrument from God. It's hard to meet her and not love her. She was sent here for this purpose."

Ella rose gets checked every three months to make sure the brain tumor has not returned.