Matters of Faith 11-18 Yoder's

Some people are thinking about their turkey dinner tonight... others are planning shopping strategy.

You could get help with both of those concerns at the Yoder Family Traditions in Sylacauga.

It's an Amish Shop in the middle of town... no there's no Amish Community... but a woman who has Amish roots... and to honor her parents... she's keeping tradition and faith alive.

{}Debe Hooley owns Yoder's. She says it started as a dream. Both of her parents were raised Amish. They left the Amish faith when they got married. They raised their family Menonite.

Here at Yoder's Family Traditions... you can find Amish bread and butter... cheese and currants... pickled eggs and dips.... all made at Amish farms... and shipped here.

Debe says, "I've been doing the Amish baked goods for years and I call over a hundred people on a pre order ... I've got in 362 different items... from home made breads to more."

With in hours, the baked order is sold out!

it's fresh with no preservatives.

It's good basic simple food.

And basic simple ointments... some say really work!

Rev. Tommy Hardy is a happy customer. He says, "It's off the chain... it really works."

{}Getting back to the simple things in life makes sense to Debe and her family.

{}Debe: "The Amish just want to live a simple life raise a family they take that from the Bible about being separate and not of the world. I'm glad my parents were raised Amish I'm glad I was raised with the values and traditions."

But how does being Amish differ from being Menonite which is what her family converted to.

{}Debe: "The Mennonites can drive cars and have electricity."

But it isn't just electricity illuminating this shop... it's her faith.

{}Debe: "I realize this is a ministry it's not about selling a retail product although I have to keep the doors open but I asked God now on a daily basis if I'm the only smile or word of encouragement.. or only hug somebody gets and it seems like he sends a lot of those opportunities. My mom died in August... October... doors opened by December. 1."

Debe: "There may not be money in the check book we don't know what next month will hold ... he's provided everything we need from right before we opened.

Debe. "I don't understand how God is gonna provide.. but he always does."