Matters of Faith 11-21 Faith Star

The holidays are wonderful... but if you are missing a loved one who has passed on... it can be a very hard time of year.

One family misses their sister so much... they've decided to do something positive to honor her memory... and that is a matter of faith.

Greg Sollie lost his sister to cancer. "Becky was my younger sister."

Becky Sollie was an Auburn cheerleader years ago.... and as she matured.... became a cheerleader for her faith.

Greg: " My mom and dad preached hard for us to have faith Becky signed up whole heartedly some of us came along later. Becky led the charge she was in the community highly thought of and so we wanted to do something that personified."

But five years ago... a rare form of ovarian cancer took her life.

Now the family... wants to honor her and continue her legacy of encouraging others to have faith with this ornament.

Greg: "This is the morning star... You can use it in daily devotionals clockwise it spells faith..... It means faith around the clock."

He and his daughter Sarah Hope people will use the star all year round as a reminder to have faith.

But this Christmas you can buy the stars.... in two ways.

One in a bundle... or in a card.

Greg: "The card like a gift wrap cord...opening a gift latch presents as a gift..... hang on a tree."

Greg invested his own money on the prototype... all for love of his sister and to help spread faith..

Greg: " We want to put the money in two buckets... To help fight ovarian cancer.... And keep Becky's legacy alive. Becky was beautiful inside and out.....lots of friends. Walked the walk as far as her life went. She would pray people would have Jesus in their hearts by faith."

Sarah Armstrong is Greg's daughter and Sarah's niece. She says, "I think it's encouraging meaningful to see dad and siblings do this...... for us as a family ... encouraging to have faith."

The stars are available online at