Matters of Faith 11-28 Pleasant Grove Nativity

Members at First Baptist Church Pleasant Grove realize what a gift it is to be able to celebrate this Christmas.

last year at this time... some church members were still displaced by the tornado.

So the walk through nativity last year was canceled.

But this year... church members are planning to open their doors to the Birmingham community once again for a special and inspiring event.

More than 200 church members are vigorously putting the pieces of their traditional walk through nativity back together.

Robert Shepherd is the project manager... he says, " we pull out pieces and up it goes."

They are used to putting pieces back together after the April 27th tornado devastated their community.

Pastor Daven Watkins: "The church is here to help put their lives back together."

Last years event... was canceled.

Pastor Daven Watkins says, "Our people needed the rest... we were still trying to find ourselves last Christmas some people were still displaced we wondered if we had the people power....we needed time for healing."

Wes Haley is the worship pastor: He says "Pleasant Grove was very hard hit. 80 family hard hit our church heavily damaged. "

4 members lost their lives.

But now... this journey through Bethlehem... is another step in the healing process for the church.

Pastor Daven Watkins. "We are not defined by the past because we have hope for the future

even this event went through a transformation."

The hard work members are involved in helps them recover in so many ways.


Wes Haley: " We have people doing crafts hanging signs... lighting sound ...we will have 250 participating. It's so good to see God's people working together...working to better their surroundings. It gives people a purpose whether they are 9 or 90 years old a purpose and it unites people in between it draws me closer to Christ."

Because of how far the members have come since the disastrous day in April... more than a year ago... the presentation is a little different this year.

Wes Haley: " We wanted people to see the entire story. Bethlehem is only part of the story... Christmas is the beginning but there is also Easter.

So the story doesn't end at the manger... it begins there this year.

Wes Haley: "Scripture teaches you can't put a price on a soul.... if we take 400 hours of labor and 10000 dollars for one it's all worth it."

Robert Shepherd says, "Whatever you do do it heartily for the Lord."

All this time and effort... to get one message across.

Pastor Daven Watkins: "Realize how wonderful.....the gift of Christmas really is."

This is the fourth year of the walk through Nativity at the First Baptist Church of Pleasant Grove.... it is free... but they ask that you call ahead to make reservations at 205 744- 2806.