Matters of Faith 16th Birthday

What do most 16 year olds ask for? Clothes? Shoes? Maybe a car?

There's one young lady who is about to turn 16 ... and for her 16th birthday ... she is asking that instead of presents, she would like to throw a fundraiser for a baby in need of expensive life saving medicine.

Emily Honeycutt is turning 16 soon.

She is planning a big event. She tells us what she is planning. "There's gonna be a DJ and a lot of inflatables and a ton of food just a big party."

Emily Honeycutt is talking about the celebration for her 16th birthday... but her wish is really pretty generous... she doesn't want any presents for herself. She wants her birthday to be a big fun fundraiser for a baby named Tripp.

Jessica Nichols is Tripp's mom. She says, "He was diagnosed at 4 months with infantile spasms it's a catastrophic form of childhood epilepsy. He was given medicine and the seizures went away he has since developed a seizure disorder. He is visually impaired. He's tube fed and he's now learning to eat by mouth."

Emily says, "Money for his medicine..ahhhhh. it's expensive and they have to pay so much every month."

Jessica says, "We weren't sure he would see his first birthday his seizures were so bad...he wasn't expected to live very long. But with the right medicine he has taken off. He can sit on his own he loves to stand he can roll and he is learning to communicate."

Tim Honeycutt is Emily's dad, He says, "As we began to plan for her 16 birthday her mother and I sat down with her and asked her what do you want? this should be the biggest birthday you've ever had sweet 16 what do you want very quickly she told us she wanted to forgo getting any presents and I would like for this to become a fundraiser for baby tripp. I was speechless cuz in today's world so many think the world revolves around them. where's mine. Here's my daughter who wants to give to somebody else she doesn't want for herself."

Emily says, Their family is just so sweet and close to my heart. he just seems like such a perfect baby. like he is just a blessing to my family.

It was God given he just told me this is what I needed to do.. make a difference in any way possible.

Jessica Nichols is Tripps mom. She says, "It's amazing the things we are seeing and the way he is touching so many peoples lives he's brought so many people to the cross. It's a miracle an amazing thing.

Emily: "I hope it's big I hope a lot of people show up not necessarily for me but to give money for Tripp I hope everyone gives as much as they can."

Jessica says, "There are no words to say how much we appreciate them and love them."

Everyone is welcome to go to the Connection in Chelsea this weekend. It is September 7th between 6 and 10 p.m.